Mooring Installation and Inspection Service.

We can assist with all types of mooring and salvage operations. 


We now have a mooring barge specifically to install and retrieve moorings.  

Those annual mooring inspection reports just got a whole lot easier for you! We come in - lift the mooring , inspect the chain and shackles, take measurements, take photos, check the mooring block itself.

If everything is in good order we fill out your report and book you in for next year's check. mooring installation gold coast , mooring installations gold coast, mooring inspections gold coast, mooring installation sunshine coast , mooring installations sunshine coast, mooring inspections sunshine coast, mooring installation brisbane , mooring installations brisbane coast, mooring inspections brisbane, mooring installation redland bay , mooring installations redland bay, mooring inspections redland bay, mooring installation raby bay , mooring installations raby bay, mooring inspections raby bay, mooring installation tweed , mooring installations tweed, mooring inspections tweed,

If any maintenance is required we call you and discuss this immediately. You don't want your vessel at risk and by lifting the mooring out we put pressure on the chain and ensure it is going to support your vessel. unlike dive teams, we actually put it to the test and give you the report to back it up.

If repairs are required, we have all of the equipment to quickly do so. 

Onboard is a  crane, powerful winch and A frame designed to do these sorts of tasks.

We are able to provide a wide range of machinery to lift or lower all sorts of items. We can also provide a professional diving team for underwater operations.

road transportable barge, 1 tonne crane, winch and a frame, moon pool, work punt, push boat

Below are some photos of jobs we have done. Click on the photo from a larger view and more information.

Checking chain and ropes before placing mooring

Larger moorings and lifting jobs can be tackled by Icebreaker and  a hired in crane.