Bridge Repairs

Lake Orr

 In 2014, The Gold Coast City Council inspected many of the bridges in the city. In 2015, a maintenance program is  underway to correct any issues IDENTIFIED.

Working with a team from the Gold Coast City Council, in Lake Orr, we deployed our Dumb Barge with workpunt 'Elvis' as the pusher boat. Lake Orr is not able to be accessed by our larger barge - so road transportable Dumb barge 'Dumbo' is a great alternative. Using either workpunt 'Sassy' or 'Elvis', the dumb barge can be maneuvered into position.




Loading the EWP onto the Dumb Barge at the ramp- directly from the tilt tray. 

The spuds helped to stabilise the platform so the team could work on the Elevated Work Platform safely.