Revetment  Wall  and  Canal  Wall 

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Revetment walls, retaining walls  and canal walls are failing due to lack of proper erosion control and maintenance. 


Regular testing, cleaning and correctional work  of weep holes relieves pressure behind the wall as it allows the tidal water, rain water and flooding to drain effectively. 

This will save you time and money in the long term. A collapsed wall can run into the tens of thousands of dollars to remove and reinstate.





Historically some canal walls have been treated with 'no fine concrete' plugs. Over time these have also become encased in barnacles and oysters and algae and have blocked up the weepholes they were supposed to protect and now they are the cause of pressure to build up behind the wall. 

Maintenance is as essential as checking the oil in your car   

 done regularly, you can prevent major problems arising.

This is a filter after only 6 months. As you can see it requires replacing regularly to allow the water behind the wall to escape minimising the soil erosion and allowing the wall to not under go unnecessary pressure. We recommend and have a schedule program to clean and maintain your weepholes. 


Gold Coast Barges provide a regular weep hole maintenance program  to give you  annual reports on your wall and scheduled maintenance to ensure your wall  is  doing it's job effectively . 

spalling or concrete cancer is a common issue in some canal systems. aging wall, exposed to salt water over years, eventually the reo in the wall is effected causing catastrophic failure of a wall if left untreated. 



Subsidence occurs when weepholes, joints or footings allow material to come forward from behind the wall. 

Crabs and time cause joint seals to no longer hold and sand and gravel come through with each rising and lowering tide. Overtime this will effect the stability of your property. if you have a pool or retaining wall or even a slab of concrete behind near the wall- better be checking. 



Joint issues addressed:




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