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Beach Reprofiling

Your local beach maintenance specialists

Gold Coast Barges provides waterfront tidying and reprofiling by pulling sand back up the beach, returning your waterfront to its original design profile. Beach profiling removes built-up drifts and keeps your property protected and looking good all year round.

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Our team recommend combining beach reprofiling with pontoon dredging so the sand around the pontoon which has slumped with the tide can be reinstated to the beach, plus your beach gets a tidy up at the same time.

Floods and king tides can cause major damage to waterfront properties throughout South East Queensland. If your beach or waterfront area has been affected call our team now to get your beach back where it should be.

Beach reprofiling

Routine waterfront maintenance

Our team recommend scheduling routine beach maintenance at least once a year so your beach or waterfront area looks fabulous all year round. Many of our clients have scheduled reprofiling at 6-month intervals to ensure their property is at its best for important events like holidays.

Beach reprofiling is also used as a preventative measure against the erosion of your waterfront areas as well as maintaining the support against your revetment wall.

Beach restoration

Watch the Gold Coast Barges team in action correcting a slumped beachfront property in the Gold Coast canal system.


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