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Canal & River Revetment Walls

Wall repair, maintenance & inspections

Do you have a waterfront revetment wall?

Please ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long has it been since the wall has been checked for movement?
  2. Have you noticed any changes in the visible cracks - number, length, width?
  3. Are there areas of subsidence behind the wall?
  4. Are your weep holes still functioning and allowing water to flow easily?
  5. Is the wall vertical or beginning to lean or slump?

Chances are if you are like many canal or river residents, you’ve answered “No” or “I don’t know” to all or most of these questions. Your wall requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains functional for as long as possible.

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Revetment wall failure

Has your revetment wall already failed?

Gold Coast Barges are the revetment wall experts. We have been building, repairing and replacing revetment walls for over 10 years. Ask us about our Annual Revetment Wall Inspections.

There are 4 stages your canal wall may fall into:

  • regular maintenance and monitoring
  • minor corrections
  • moderate corrections
  • major corrections (wall failure)

Regular maintenance and monitoring

Every wall should be inspected biannually. Measurements are taken, photos and data stored about the issues presented.

Weepholes should be cleaned out and new filters installed at least yearly.

This means you know if your wall has moved, kept track of subsidence and cracking, and you know the water behind the wall is escaping properly, minimising the pressure behind the wall.

The Canal Wall Doctor offers regular canal wall maintenance and inspections including a detailed report at the end of each visit. Records are stored and checked every 6 months providing peace of mind for the property owner.

If issues are noted an engineer will be called in to inspect the wall.

Minor corrections

Sometimes the toe of the wall may need to be covered. This will mean either beach reprofiling using your sand or a rock top up. Give us a call and we will come for a site visit and let you know which option is right for your property.

Moderate corrections

If your wall has subsidence issues or is beginning to lean or sump, the engineer will be consulted for expert repair recommendations.

Moderate remediation behind the wall may include:

  • Removing the source of the problem - such as poor drainage and very commonly tree roots.
  • Slab subsidence may mean the removal of the slab behind the wall, correcting the issues that are causing the subsidence.
  • Reinstating a new gravel and filter cloth behind the wall.

When issues of wall deterioration occur removing the soil from behind the wall and reinstating gravel and geo filters to correct the wall is often the solution recommended to you. This reduces pressure on the wall and corrects problems with drainage. Walls with subsidence issues often require this level of correctional work.

This process involves using an excavator to pull back the soil, place gravel and geo filters in behind the wall and then reinstate the soil.

Major correctional work

In some cases, the wall is no longer viable. This means the owner must begin the process of installing a new wall.

Our expert team can guide you seamlessly through any major correctional projects. From Council and DEHP documentation to engineering visits and reports to the complete installation of a new wall.

New revetment wall process

Our team will contact an engineer who will design a wall to suit your requirements and using your current canal design.

We’ll then put all necessary paperwork and permits into place to satisfy EPA, Council and engineering stipulations.

You chose the type of wall material you would like to use - choices include Precast Concrete Panels, Blocks, Magnum Stone or Truline.

We then carefully remove the old wall.

Our team then install piles and concrete footings according to engineer plans. Throughout the process, the engineer checks in and ensures the works are completed to the design.

Next we pour the concrete. We come in from the water to reduce the impact of the works on your property and your privacy is not disturbed.

These are examples of block wall projects:

These are using a product called Magnum Stone

This is a Trueline Revetment Wall.

Finally, the toe is covered and the gravel and geo filter is placed behind the wall and the soil is reinstated at the top.

Gold Coast Barges are experts at repairing and maintaining Waterway Revetment Walls. Whether you need some emergency rock buttressing to stop the wall failing further or a full reconstruction, we can help.

How can Gold Coast Barges help with your canal revetment walls?

  • Provide Development Application and Council Approval through our association with a Certified Consulting Engineer (ACEA) with waterways experience.
  • Provide advice (in conjunction with a qualified Consulting Engineer (ACEA)) on the best revetment wall repair options.
  • Emergency rock buttressing and rock armouring to prevent further damage to your home.
  • Removal of failed and collapsed revetment walls and construction of a new one.

Why use our team for your waterway revetment wall construction and repair?

We have the largest Barge and newest equipment on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

We can provide Certified Consulting Engineering advice/design for your waterfront walls. We also work with licensed builders or licensed structural landscapers to build or repair waterfront retaining walls.

So in a nutshell, if we can't provide the service directly, we have partnered with the best we can find to give you a complete solution that will comply with all Council and Government standards.

Again, because we work from the water, we do not need access to the front or sides of your block, avoiding any damage or privacy issues during the building process.

Walls are failing all over South East Queensland due to lack of maintenance, tide, erosion, flood damage and time. Your wall protects your property, but who is looking after your wall? Gold Coast Barges and The Canal Doctor can provide scheduled revetment wall maintenance and help you get the most out of your existing wall.


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