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Barge Hire Redland Bay

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Gold Coast Barges offer a range of professional marine installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the Redland Bay and the Redlands area waterways. Taking excellent care of your waterfront infrastructure is our top priority. Our skilled team are on hand to help with everything from canal or revetment wall restoration to jetty repairs or boat salvage.

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Services we offer in Redlands

Barge Hire

We specialise in barge hire for all canal, river and waterfront work. Our extensive range of barges can handle anything, from a large landing barge ideal for an excavator or truck to small dumb barges perfect for work in hard to access areas. 

Barge Hire Redland Bay
Icebreaker barge

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Find out more about our barge hire services.

Canal & Revetment Walls

Maintaining your revetment wall with regular inspections and small repairs where needed could save you lots in the long term. Our team recommend a biannual canal wall inspection so any issues can be corrected before they become significant or the wall fails altogether. 

Failed canal wall
Failed canal wall

Clearing weepholes and installing new filters regularly is essential to allow water to escape effectively preventing pressure build-up behind the wall. 

Find out more about our revetment wall services.

Pontoon Dredging Redlands

Routine clearing and removal of built-up sand and silt maintains the original design and depth of your pontoon area. The continual movement of canal and river beds, as well as the constant weathering of banks, can mean that your waterfront area becomes shallow and unusable. Periodic pontoon dredging ensures the area looks great and the works effectively.

Pontoon Dredging Redlands
Pontoon dredging

Find out more about our pontoon dredging services.

Jetty Repairs and Maintenance

Our team provide a full range of jetty repairs and maintenance services to keep your jetty in safe working order. We also offer old jetty removal and installation of new jetties, pontoons, and docks.

Jetty repairs Redlands
Jetty repairs

Find out more about our jetty repair services.

Boat and Marine Salvage Redlands

Gold Coast Barges has the specialist equipment to refloat damaged boats, yachts, houseboats, barges and more. If the boat is no longer viable we can carry out the salvage, removal, and disposal of the vessel.

Sunken boat - marine salvage
Boat salvage

Find out more about our marine salvage services.

Swing Moorings Redland Bay

Maintaining a safe and serviceable swing mooring is essential for the safety of your vessel as well as to meet Maritime Safety Queensland requirements. Our purpose build mooring barge is designed specifically to install and retrieve swing moorings. We can also carry out your required annual mooring inspection.

Mooring barge
Mooring barge

Find out more about our swing mooring services in Redlands.

Barge hire and waterfront project experts Redlands

We’ve got all your canal, river, and waterfront services covered throughout the Redlands area. Contact our team on 0419 024 336 or complete our quote request form today.


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