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Barge Hire Sunshine Coast

Searching for extensive Sunshine Coast barge services?

The team at Gold Coast Barges can help. Don't let our name fool you - we offer a huge range of waterway services across the whole of the Sunshine Coast. From pontoon dredging to swing moorings to barge hire and everything in between, we use our 10+ years of industry experience to ensure your job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality. We can provide the best options for all kinds of jobs, and ensure all your waterway needs are met each and every time.

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Dependable Sunshine Coast Barge Hire

When it comes to barge hire on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast Barges are the best around. We have everything to get the job done right, including the barge, work punt, dumb barge and work platform, and have the hands-on experience and knowledge to be able to assist every step of the way. We offer both wet and dry barge hire, as well as having one of the biggest maintenance barges available, meaning any project can be done quicker and more cost effectively. From work punt hire to portable dumbo barges to landing barge hire, we offer it all and more. We also have a great team of trusted professional partners who we deal with regularly to cover all your equipment and machine requirements. We can source much of your extra project needs or alternatively, we can provide local specialist advice on suppliers or hire options on the Sunshine Coast.

Jetty removal specialists

If you have an unsightly jetty on your property that requires removing, or an unsafe jetty structure that needs to be safely relocated, then Gold Coast Barges can help. We offer quick and efficient jetty removal services across the Sunshine Coast, ensuring a minimal level of disruption to you during the process. We remove all materials and organise their disposal, as well as rake the entire jetty area to ensure all debris or old rubbish has been removed from the sea bed. Additionally, we check every jetty for asbestos before removal, and are licensed to remove Asbestos Class B.

We also offer jetty maintenance and repair services, so if you would like to keep your jetty (but it just needs a little extra attention), then give us a call and we can assist.

Professional Sunshine Coast marine salvaging

From small fishing boats to houseboats and everything in between, Gold Coast Barges can help if you need assistance to refloat, remove or dispose of a vessel that needs relocating. We specialise in a range marine salvaging services and have removed boats, yachts, houseboats, barges, rusty hulls, marine obstructions... you name it we can salvage it!

Extensive pontoon dredging services

No matter the size or type of your pontoon on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast Barges can clear and remove any built-up sand and silt under and around your canal pontoon and get it looking as good as new. The specifications of our barges ensures we can assist with almost any pontoon dredging project, and we also offer regular maintenance services to ensure your pontoon remains as useful as the day it was constructed. Yearly maintenance is highly recommended when it comes to pontoons, so get in contact to find out about all the maintenance services we offer!

Skilled river & canal revetment wall repairs and maintenance

Whether your property is located on a river or a canal, your revetment wall should be regularly maintained to ensure a long, functional and efficient life. Revetment walls should be inspected and maintained at least twice a year, irrelevant of where they are located, but we know this can be a nuisance. That's why Gold Coast Barges offer extensive monitoring, repair and maintenance services for all kinds of revetment walls, both for canal and river based homes.

Qualified and friendly Sunshine Coast team

Gold Coast Barges is family-owned and has a friendly and knowledgeable group of individuals who are more than happy to assist with all your waterway jobs across the Sunshine Coast. We take pride in providing excellence and sound advice to clients for all job sizes and types, and we have a passion for ensuring you receive the best service each and every time. No matter the job type (even if it's not listed above!), get in contact and we can discuss the way in which Gold Coast Barges can assist.

Gold Coast Barges

Your reliable specialists on the Sunshine Coast

If you have any queries regarding the services that we provide to the Sunshine Coast, or would like to speak to one of our approachable team members regarding your next job on the waterways, give Gold Coast Barges a call on 0419 024 336 or complete a quote form now!

When you join forces with Gold Coast Barges, you get more than just a barge, you get a complete project solution.


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