Beach Re-Profiling

East Coast Barges  can tidy up waterfronts by pulling sand back up - returning your beach to the designed profile.  You may want to tie this in with a Pontoon dredge so the sand around your pontoon which has slumped with tide is back to design profile and your beach is tidied up at the same time.

After flood events a quick call can get your beach back to where it should be. 

Beach reprofiling  removes built-up drifts and   keeps your property protected and looking good all year round.beach reprofiling gold coast, beach reprofiling brisbane,  beach reprofiling caboolture, beach reprofiling redland bay, beach reprofiling raby bay, beach reprofiling tweed, tidy up beach front gold coast, tidy up beach front brisbane, tidy up beach front caboolture, tidy up beach front redland bay, tidy up beach front raby bay, tidy up beach front tweed, slumping sand gold coast, slumping sand brisbane, slumping sand caboolture, slumping sand redland bay, slumping sand raby bay, slumping sand tweed,

We can program beach reprofiling  into a regular cycle so your beachfront looks fabulous all year around! Many of our clients have scheduled re-profiling at 6 month intervals to ensure their property is at it's best for important events like Christmas holidays.

Gold Coast Barges beach reprofiling is a preventative measure against erosion of your waterfront property by maintaining the support against your revetment wall.

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Click on the link below to see us in action correcting a slumped beachfront property in the Gold Coast canal system.