Logistical Assistance

We can speed up waterfront projects by delivering or removing materials (eg. Pallets, fill, turf, Rocks, Sleepers, soil etc) direct to the waterfront site. 
We can also excavate where access is impossible from the road. 
With our long loading ramp, we can put many machines up over the revetment wall on to the job site. We work with other subcontractors to provide different sized machines to suit particular jobs (eg. Stump Grinders, Tree-loppers and chippers, excavators).

We can also provide a 10-tonne crane which fits perfectly on the barge and can safely lift trees, statues, pool pumps, spas etc into position direct from the waterfront!

Below are some photos of jobs we have done. Click on the photo from a larger view and more information.

Being able to load a crane on the deck and lift heavy objects into place from the waterfront when normal access is not an option!!  Buddah would not have made it
there any other way .