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Mooring Installation & Inspection Service

Your local mooring maintenance specialists

Gold Coast Barges can assist with all types of mooring and salvage operations throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We have a purpose built mooring barge designed specifically to install and retrieve moorings.

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Annual mooring inspections

Our team can take care of your annual mooring inspection requirements. Our mooring specialists will lift the mooring, inspect the chain and shackles, take measurements, photos and check the mooring block itself.

If everything is in good order we complete your mooring report and book you in for next years inspection.

If any mooring maintenance is required our team will contact the property owner to discuss practical solutions and repair options immediately.

Our comprehensive mooring inspections provide protection for your vessel. By lifting the mooring we put pressure on the chain which works as a strength assessment to ensure it will support your vessel.

Unlike a dive team inspection, we actually put it to the test and provide our customers with a complete report as a record of the inspection.

If any mooring repairs are needed we have all the equipment to carry out the work promptly. Our on board crane, powerful winch and frame are designed specifically to carry out mooring work.

We are able to provide a wide range of other machinery to lift or lower all sorts of items.

Gold Coast Barges can also supply a professional diving team for underwater operations if required.

Mooring inspection and installation projects

Below are some photos of mooring inspection, repair, and installation jobs out team have carried out throughout South East Queensland.

Checking the chain and ropes before placing the mooring.
Larger moorings and lifting jobs can be carried out by our larger barge Icebreaker and a hired crane.


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