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Weephole & Revetment Wall Maintenance

Your local canal wall repair and maintenance experts

The Canal Wall Doctor, a specialist revetment wall and canal wall maintenance arm of Gold Coast Barges, can take care of all your revetment and canal wall inspections, repairs and maintenance throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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The Canal Wall Doctor

Proactive revetment wall maintenance

Regular testing, cleaning and correctional work of weepholes relieve the pressure behind the canal wall, allowing tidal water, stormwater and flooding to drain effectively all year round.

Routine maintenance will save you time and money in the long term, preventing collapsed walls which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars to remove and reinstate.

The Canal Wall Doctor fleet
These revetment walls are failing due to lack of proper erosion control and maintenance

Weep hole maintenance

Historically some canal walls have been treated with ‘No Fine Concrete’ plugs. Over time these have become encased in barnacles, oysters, and algae which have blocked up the weephoes which are designed to protect the wall structure. The result is a huge amount of pressure built up behind the wall.

Weephole maintenance is as essential as checking the oil in your car, done regularly it can prevent major problems arising.

Weephole filter - old and new

This is a weephole filter which is only 6 months old, as you can see it requires replacing regularly to allow the water behind the wall to efficiently escape, minimising the soil erosion and removing unnecessary pressure from the wall. We recommend you schedule regular weephole maintenance to maintain the effectiveness of your canal wall.

Gold Coast Barges provide a regular weephole maintenance program which provides an annual report on your wall health as well as any repairs which need to be carried out to ensure your wall is doing its job effectively.

Spalling or concrete cancer

Spalling or concrete cancer is a common issue in some canal systems across South East Queensland. Hairline cracks in a concrete revetment or canal wall will allow salt water to penetrate and eventually lead to spalling. Exposed to salt water for many years the steel reinforcement in ageing walls can begin to rust causing the area to crack. If left untreated concrete cancer can lead to complete failure of the wall.

Concrete cancer repairs

Joint resealing

Subsidence occurs when weepholes, joints, or footings allow material to come forward from behind the wall.

Crabs and time cause joint seals to no longer hold, which leads to sand and gravel coming through with each rising and lowering tide. Over time this will affect the stability of your property. If you have a pool, retaining wall, or even a slab of concrete located closely behind the revetment wall it pays to regularly inspect to prevent major issues.

Joint issues repaired

The Canal Wall Doctor

The Canal Wall Doctor offers complete, professional revetment wall maintenance and repairs throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast. Contact our team today for practical solutions for all your canal wall needs.

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