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Gabion Baskets and Gabion Walls

Your local gabion basket revetment wall specialists

Clients and engineers who prefer the look of gabion baskets and gabion walls for rock armouring as a form of erosion control have turned to Gold Coast Barges to get the job done right.

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Gabion revetment wall

Below are photos of a recent project in the Nerang River where the engineer has specified and designed a system of gabion baskets to minimise the effects of tide and wake.

It is a very busy area in the river with skiing, jet skis, and recreational boating all year round. The banks were suffering badly and this project was put into place to correct the issue.

This is the stretching frame used to ensure the baskets are uniform in size.
Here the excavator and barge do the preparation and final footing work, and the ‘rock wrangling’ team ensure the baskets are neat, tidy and wired correctly for a long-lasting solution.
The barge and excavator work with a team of labourers to fill and wire up the baskets.

Environmental issues are always considered and dealt with in line with regulations. Here is the silt curtain at work - see the clarity of the water beyond the silt curtain.

As well as utilising methods like silt curtains, water testing is done regularly to comply with local environmental stipulations.

Environmental protection

If this is the sort of project you are looking to complete contact Gold Coast Barges today. We can put you in touch with the right engineers and do the job right the first time as specified in the engineer's approved drawings.

We ensure water quality and vegetation management are also done right, with a team of professionals to ensure you are covered legally, so your project can proceed as planned.

Gold Coast Barges

We offer complete, professional gabion wall services throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Contact our team today for practical solutions for all your waterfront project needs.


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