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Silt Curtain Hire

Part of the responsible environmental management requirements in waterways is the control of sediment during water based projects. Gold Coast Barges offers complete environmental management services including water quality testing, as well as silt curtain installation and hire available for all our projects.

If your company requires these help with environmental management services and does not want to outlay for the required equipment and set up as this is not a common project issue (if your company is usually land based) give us a call. We have all the equipment including silt curtains, mooring blocks, exclusion zone markers, and illuminated night use buoys all for hire.

This is one of our silt curtains which was hired for use in the Ipswich River. The company is not normally water based so preferred we installed the required environmental protection equipment and disassembled at the end of the project.
The effectiveness of the silt curtain is clearly visible in this project.


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