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Silt Curtain Management

Silt curtains on waterways are not a set and forget system. When a project is being carried out in a fast flowing river, such as the Brisbane River or major rivers of the Gold Coast, with flooding risks and constant tidal changes ongoing vigilance is required.

Extended periods in the water can cause sediment build up causing the curtain to become very heavy. To avoid this routine cleaning is required.

Other issues that can occur include snagging by underwater objects which may cause tears or damage. Our team is fully trained to check the integrity of the silt curtain and correct any issues as required.

Left unchecked your curtain may no longer perform as it was intended. To prevent this happening we can perform daily checks and correct any issues.

Our team can reposition or move the curtains as the project proceeds, allowing the work to continue with minimal disruption and covering your environmental requirements.

We offer complete environmentally responsible Silt Curtain Management and Hire for water based projects across South East Queensland including the waterways of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Redland Bay, and the Sunshine Coast.


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