Rock Armouring Your Canal Wall

Gold Coast Barges specialise in Rock Armouring your canal wall or revetment wall. Revetment rock helps support your waterfront revetment wall and provides excellent protection from tide, wake and current damage. It also adds to the value of your home and improves the look of your water frontage. See the difference:

We come to your house, inspect you wall and discuss with you the best approach to rectify and correct your wall.

Possible solutions include: Rock Armouring

A rock top up to ensure the wall does not move. This can be done to walls with preexisting rock to ensure the rock is brought back to design  profile and is doing what the engineer initially designed it to do. 


We place the rock against your wall using a bobcat or excavator, then pack it tightly and neatly with a special excavator bucket – finally we finish the top edge by hand giving you the neatest possible finish. We carry the largest load on the coast and this means we offer by far the best price per tonne. Most frontages require 25-50 tonnes to top up their rock. Several sizes of rock are available and we can provide a structural engineer if you require specific repair or preventative solutions.
See the before and after photos below

This property had rock but it has eroded with time and tide.



Here are some before and after photos for rock armouring jobs we have completed recently.

 Here we have installed the geo fabric in preparation to rock. 

After rock is topped up- the wall is supported and the canal is back to it's design .

Here the team working around a damaged bank on the Gold Coast waterways. 

The bank is protected. Note the tidy finish. We batter  our rock  so we get a great finish!

Here is a link showing minor wall correction - rock top up - the excavator is battering a newly topped up wall. Note the neat finish we achieve.

Please Note: Some works require a "Prescribed Tidal Works" application to be submitted to Council. Gold Coast Barges can develop this application for you, complete with engineered drawings etc. Call me to discuss further.

For more information on "Prescribed Tidal Works" applications, see the Gold Coast City Council Website.