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Barge Specifications

  • Length: 12 m
  • Beam: 6 m
  • Draft: 0.9 max
  • Height above waterline: 800 mm unloaded
  • Engines: Twin Hydraulic nozzle thrusters on outboard legs. Caterpillar 180hp Diesel
  • Lifting Lugs: yes

Gold Coast Barges Icebreaker ENQUIRY

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Icebreaker Barge



  • Gold Coast Barges vessels 'Icebreaker' is a custom made to work in canals and waterways. The longer ramps on these landing barges make for easy loading and unloading and give the barge better stability across a wider range of banks and depths when compared with barges with shorter ramps. Rock, sand and soil are simply tipped on the sacrificial deck. This saves time, minimises disruption to parklands and stops double handling.
  • Icebreaker has just completed a total refit in January 2014.
  • Over the past 7.5 years we have been engaged to complete many rock armouring projects for the GCCC, other local authorities, Civil Contractors, Body Corporate and private clients. We are confident that our team deliver an excellent result in the shortest possible time.
  • In 2014 we were engaged to work in the Bremer River - Ipswich. The crew had to contend with extremely shallow waterways, steep banks, significant obstacles, tidal restrictions and we had to work closely around 2 heritage listed sites.
  • We completed the project on time, to budget and with no damages. This photo is the project whilst underway.
  • Our operators strive to achieve excellent results regardless of how difficult the access is. Private contractors such as S.F.L. (5 years of Raby Bay canal refurbishments) and Alders (currently completing Narrowneck Bridge refurbishment) have released other contractors (our Gold Coast competitors) and asked our company to step in and work with them as the competitors could not work to the standard they required. We take pride in our reputation for working efficiently, effectively and with consistently outstanding results
  • This is the final result at Sickle Avenue Bridge rock armouring - another project with Alders. This bridge had significant tidal restrictions only giving our crew a few hours access each day. We installed over 300 tonnes of rock in 3 days notwithstanding the restrictions.
  • In 2013 our company won the contract to install bank stabilisation at Nerang for Royal Pine Resort. Our teams completed this within budget, within the timeframe and with no defects. The engineer overseeing this project consistently refers clients to us as he knows they will receive the right result.


  • Garbage trucks, Concrete trucks, Liquid Waste Trucks, Cranes, Drill Rigs, Scissor Lifts, Tippers etc.
  • Steel construction - giving significant stability.
  • Passing Cardno Bowler and MacDonnell Dowell's stringent subcontractor's WH &S guidelines, we are now a pre-approved contractor and have been involved in several projects for these companies, including drill rig /geotechnical surveys


  • Our experienced team have worked in with Gold Coast City Council employees on many scenarios. One of the most common is correctional work for stormwater pipes. Under direct supervision, our team assist the GCCC employees to dig out, waterjet, install and remove old pipes from the site.


  • The manoeuvrability of our twin propelled barges make getting in between pontoons and moving in confined spaces much easier, quicker and safer than a single propeller system. This makes beach cleaning a faster, safer option with our teams.
  • Our specialised bucket and rake - purpose built for beach cleaning and weed removal, coupled with a Tilt Hitch has proven to speed up this process. Repeat booking from Moreton Regional Council for this service is proof that we do it better, faster and cheaper than our competitors.


  • Working in confined spaces, in and amongst obstacles is what we do best. Our experienced skippers and operators partnered with our highly manoeuvrable barges make this kind of work safer than single propeller barges.
  • Working here at Raby Bay for Redlands Shire Council to correct silt build up as a result of a stormwater outlet in a marina. We have also dredged Weinham Creek for the Redland Bay Shire Council and with S.F.L. several times a year as a subcontractor to their ongoing canal correction work.
  • Moreton Bay Regional Shire Council engaged our barge to check and correct canal profiles in 2013. This involved pre and post laser survey, consulting with canal designs given and performing precise corrections.

Attachments - Tilting Hitch, Hydraulic Hammer, Grab, Auger

  • Each machine is equipped with hydraulic hammer, an auger and grab for situations that require these attachments.
  • Our excavators are both equipped with tilting hitches - allowing movement to be far more precise. This is a distinct advantage as it makes our work more efficient.
  • We carry on board a concrete saw and chainsaw to assist in our projects.


  • Asbestos certification and proper handling of dangerous goods. Our team is trained and practice safe handling and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Royal Pines required environmental testing. This photo clearly depicts the effectiveness of our silt curtains during the project.
  • Water Quality Reports came back with very positive results showing nil impact in the waterway despite our ongoing work daily for 9 weeks. Our careful adherence to the containment of turbidity was effective. Reports available.

"Icebreaker" is an AMSA approved vessel. It is commercially registered and carries on board Safety Management System which instructs the skipper on. We supply required documentation including:

  • Safety Management System (emergency procedures, use of safety equipment on board, drills, safe vessel operations)
  • Ship's logs, which are mandatory in commercial watercraft. This schedules and records safety drills and vessel maintenance and procedures.

Wet Hire, where we provide an experienced skipper to ensure your safety and the vessel's best practice.

Dry Hire, providing the hirer is approved and employs a skipper with correct tickets. We provide induction training in operating the vessel and understanding the SMS and required record keeping.

  • Fully insured.
  • Can be dry hired or wet hired.
  • Can provide ticketed, experienced skipper.
  • Commercially registered work punt.
  • All safety equipment and required paperwork.
  • Can provide experienced ticketed operators.
  • Can provide a range of machinery as required


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