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Modular Work Platform

Modular Work Platforms (MWP) Gold Coast Barges Vessel Information Sheet.pdf

Versatile water project platforms

Versatile modular work platforms (MWPs)- can be configured to suite your requirements. Perfect for bridge work, builder's , painters.

The platforms can be put into position and left as a dry hire item. We can provide a pushpunt and skipper if you need to relocate site in a busier area. We also have a pushpunt with a4hp motor - for small transits and mionr shifting of platform which can be dry hired.

With handrails, spuds to hold ion place or anchors the platforms are indeed a versatile alternative.

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Modular Work Platform hire
Workpunt and skipper or push punt - platform with 4hp motor - dry hire - mighty handy for the tradesman working overwater
Push punt tinnie (4hp ) behind 3 platforms with rails - a mini dumb barge- capable of accessing tighter areas, under bridges, rivers and estuaries that are shallow or narrow.


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