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Jetty Removal & Jetty Repairs

Professional jetty maintenance services

The Gold Coast Barges Team offer fast removal of unwanted, dangerous, or unsightly jetties, often in under 1 hour on site, without needing access through your property. We will remove all material and arrange the disposal, rake the entire jetty area to ensure all debris or old rubbish has been removed from the sea bed.

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We offer complete, professional jetty repairs and removals throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Contact our team today for practical solutions for all your jetty needs.

Jetty removal

Removal of asbestos jetty piles

Many jetties across South East Queensland are built using asbestos materials in the piles. Gold Coast Barges are licensed to remove Asbestos Class B.

Our team will check for the presence of asbestos prior to removing your jetty to ensure the safe removal of all substances.

We will supply a detailed quote which will include the additional care required:

  • our team must wear correct asbestos masks and overalls
  • once removed the asbestos must remain wet
  • when at the ramp the piles are wrapped and labelled
  • the asbestos is then sent to the appropriate dump with the legally correct trucks.

Ensure the safety of your local area, as well as your family and neighbours, by dealing with old jetty asbestos correctly.

Gold Coast Barges Asbestos Removal licence

Your local jetty removal and repair experts

If your jetty is in need or repairs or complete removal the team at Gold Coast Barges can help. Call 0419 024 336 or complete our service request form today.

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