Our Projects

Barge Hire
Gold Coast
Beach Cleaning
Gold Coast Canals
Beach Cleaning - Vegetation Management
Newport Waters
Beachmere Salvage
Boat Ramp Installation
Boat Ramp Removal
Gold Coast
Boat Ramp Removal Mermaid Waters
Mermaid Beach Gold Coast
Boat Ramp repairs
Gold Coast
Bribie Gardens Rock Armouring
Bribie Gardens Rock Armouring
Bridge Inspection
Bridge Repairs
Lake Orr
Brisbane River Bridge Repair Modular Work Platforms
Brisbane River
Buskers By the Creek Dumb Barge Floating Platform Gold Coast
Collapsed Revetment Wall Replacement
Gold Coast
Dumb barge EWP floating solution
Fireworks Platform
Gold Coast
Floating Dewatering Pump Platform
Qld, NSW
Flood damage Canal Cleanup
Gold Coast
Flood Damage Mooring Shift
Gold Coast
Houseboat Demolition
Gold Coast
Jetty Removal
Gold Coast
Marine Salvage Boat Salvage Caboolture River
Caboolture River
Marine Salvage Boat Salvage Haines Hunter
Broadbeach Waters
Marine Salvage Boat Salvage Jacobs Well
Jacobs Well
Marine Work Platform
Coff's Harbour
Mooring Installation
Victoria Point
Hope Island Gold Coast
Pontoon Flood Damage Correction
Pontoon Replacement and Repair
Brisbane River
Raby Bay Piling
Raby Bay
Revetment Repair Bernadino Mermaid Waters
Mermaid Waters
Revetment Wall Correction
Hope Island
Revetment Wall Failure
Biggerra Waters, Gold Coast
Revetment Wall Replacement
Rock Amouring Hollywell
Rock Armouring Canal Owner's Home
Moterey Keys, Gold Coast
Rock Armouring for GCCC
Miami Key, Gold Coast
Rock Armouring Raby Bay
Raby Bay
Rock Armouring Runaway Bay
Runaway Bay
Rock Armouring Runaway Bay
Runaway Bay
Rock Top Up
Rock Top up Gold Coast Lake
Russell Island Sea Wall
salvage of sunken vessel southport
Silt Curtain Hire
Silt Curtain Management
SE Qld
Subsidence Correction Canal Wall Doctor to the Rescue
Runaway Bay
Trawler Salvage
Yamba New South wales
Vegetation Removal Newport
Newport, Redcliffe
Weep Hole Maintenance
Gold Coast
Wild Weather Pontoon Damage
Gold Coast