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Logistical Assistance

Professional water or waterfront project support

Gold Coast Barges can provide complete water or waterfront project logistical assistance throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our project support services can help speed up waterfront projects by delivering or removing materials (eg pallets, landfill, turf, rocks, sleepers, soil, etc) direct to the waterfront site.

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Our team can also excavate where access is impossible from the road. Using our long loading ramp we can put many machines up over the revetment wall onto the job site, removing the need for access across your property and the potential damage involved. We work with subcontractors to provide any sized machine to suit your particular job (eg stump grinders, tree loppers and chippers, excavators)

We can provide a 10-tonne crane which fits perfectly on the barge and can safely lift trees, statues, pool pumps, spas, etc into position directly from the waterfront.

Barge with crane

Waterfront logistical support assistance

Below are some photos of waterfront logistical support jobs we have carried out throughout South East Queensland.

This project required the large, heavy Buddha statue to be loaded via crane into place via the waterfront of this property as there was no other access.

Gold Coast Barges

We offer complete, professional project support throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Contact our team today for practical solutions for all your waterfront work needs.


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